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Personal Brand Coaching for
professional women and aspiring female leaders

Having a strong Personal Brand is vital for success whatever stage of your careerIt's important to stand out, be seen and heard because exposure accounts for 60% of successBut women are more inclined to allow modesty to get in the way of their desire to succeedThe fear of negative judgment is ever present so instead of putting ourselves out there, and taking centre stage, we find it less risky to blend than offendBut in a competitive environment that alone will not win you a promotion or a new customer: You also need to be visible and stand out from the crowd by articulating your unique strengths in a way that is authentic to youAnd that's what Personal Branding is all about!

About Mel

I'm a Personal Branding Coach, Marketing strategist, CMO, and Board DirectorI left full-time employment in 2019 to launch FirstWoman, a Personal Brand Consultancy dedicated to helping women not just succeed but to thrive in their careersOver the past 5 years I've helped countless women achieve their career goals and professional ambitions using my proven 'visibility' strategies, executed through a range of concise, results-focussed programmes and one-off sessionsI can help you with:

  • Lack of Confidence and Self-belief

  • Low profile and lack of Visibility

  • Self-promotion & hyping yourself or your business

  • Clarifying your Value Proposition and what you stand for

  • Navigating a male-dominated work place culture

Private coaching

Personal Brand Elevator coaching£699

My signature Personal Brand development programme designed to help ambitious women curate a powerful Personal Brand and raise their profile for greater impact as professionals or business owners

Proven to achieve rapid results in a matter of weeks
This 3 phase programme will help your raise your professional profile, discover your purpose, clarify your message, and communicate with confidence
The programme includes:

  • 30 minute intro and Goal Setting Session

  • 3 hours of one to one private coaching

  • Communication Style and Drivers Profiling

  • Programme Worksheets and Bonus downloads

Power Hours £150

Power Hours are a fast and efficient way to unstick and overcome a specific problem or challenge
The sessions are solution-focussed with the aim of providing a tangible outcome, something you can take away and action
You simply let me know what you want to discuss ahead of the session and off we goDiscounts are available when you book 2 or more Power Hours at once" It was a perfectly timed shot of energy......Mel is the perfect blend of empathetic listener, seeking to understand - but also inspiring you to take action. I came away feeling energised and have already acted on our discussion" Toni Wood

Success Without Compromise, out October 2024

Don't lean in. Look Up!The double binds encountered by women are numerous. We are routinely criticised for: being too direct; sharing too much; being too emotional; lacking gravitas; being too cold; not being professional.Women walk an exhausting tightrope of being simultaneously too much and not enough.Leaning into workplace cultures designed by men to serve men, doesn't work for women! We know this.Byt success isn't about conforming and self-editing; it's about amplifying your unique qualities, and achieving success on your own terms simply by being yourselfThat's my version of empowerment and I want to share it with young women everywhere!Success Without Compromise is available NOW to pre-order on Amazon
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Generation Electric TV Campaign 2019